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Our Security and Privacy

Find out about Cockatoo keeps your data secure.

What happens to the files I upload to Cockatoo?

When you upload an audio or video file to Cockatoo it is encrypted and transferred to our secure servers where a transcript is generated using our AI. An audio version of the file is extracted and stored in cloud storage so you can play the audio while viewing or editing your transcript inside the app. Then you can choose to delete this data at any time from the dashboard. We never share your data with third parties.

Can you share my data with third parties?

NO third parties have access to your data ever. We only make money from subscription revenue. Your data can only be viewed by a small number of support engineers with your permission for troubleshooting purposes only.

How does your security and privacy compare to other transcription apps?

Most other transcription apps send your audio data to another a third party (often large tech companies) to generate the transcription they deliver to you.

With Cockatoo, when you upload a file your data never leaves our possession. We run our own AI algorithms on our own servers to process your files and your data stays with us until you choose to delete it.


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