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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to questions we get asked most often.

Can I transcribe from a link?

We current only support audio and video file uploads. You will need to download the audio or video file and use the uploader.

How can I transcribe a Youtube video?

Due to Youtube’s terms of service we cannot download the audio directly from Youtube link. You will need to download the video or video's audio from the url (we recommend googling 'youtube audio downloader' from like or using y2mate for youtube) and then upload the file to Cockatoo!

Do you have live transcription? Can I talk into my microphone?

We are working on a live dictation feature that will allow you to transcribe files live and will be releasing it later this year.

I'm a developer, do you have an API?

We do not currently have a developer API.

Do you include speaker identification in the transcript?

We currently have Speaker ID for English transcripts. We will be launching this feature in more languages over the next several months.

Why is my transcript in the wrong language?

We set default languages based on the country you are in but sometimes this can be wrong. You can change your transcription language on your settings page and select from over 90 languages to transcribe in! Please not the updated language will only be applied to new file uploads.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by clicking 'Delete Account' from your settings page.


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